Merchants, Services, and Confinement Centre


Every merchants, confinement centre and advertiser required to submit company registration and related documents for approval, in order to justify whether the company is valid. All the products selling have to ensure it is safe to buy and make sure they are genuine. Trusted logistic company with reliable delivery services provide to merchants to arrange orders deliver to their customer’s doorstep, without having worry decide getting which delivery service.

10 MOM consolidates all the premium products for users to shop. All the premium products can be review by users or buyers. International brand, unique brand, rare and good quality products but less reputation can be found in the platform. Geolocation service will be pop up to show users if nearby merchants having promotions. Seasoning campaigns or events will be held always to keep the users’ excitement.

Users able to select a relaxing style with luxury services provided by Confinement Centre. A place for postnatal women to go for recovering and there is professional to take care your newborn and user themselves. Meal and place for rest are provided for free.

Advertisement here will have a great awareness to all 10 MOM users. Users will realise which new product is coming out to the market, which products having special promotions, or clearance. Drive brand awareness, because branding is much more important than marketing. Advertisement in 10 MOM is the right choice as 100% target audiences are gather in here.