Confinement Lady



By improving confinement lady knowledges and skills on taking care newborn and postnatal mother during confinement services period, Evolving from traditional way to online and offline business style for confinement ladies and mothers. We are providing job opportunity for confinement lady who successful join into our platform.

Professional team training provided to confinement lady in order to ensure the persistence and consistency of the knowledge and skill quality. Examination and quiz through online for confinement lady to keep up to date informations always.

Professional team will be standing by always for supporting all the confinement ladies in the platform 24 by 7. Our professional team such as, Nutritionist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, nurse, specialist breast feeding, chef, psychology consultant, and postnatal massager.

Higher level of international certificates from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Europe will be award to 10 MOM confinement lady in future for purpose of convincing users for confinement service at oversea.

The protection provided to them will be insurance and body check up to ensure their health status are fit for the service during confinement period to users. Health check passed, user and newborn will be relief and serve with disease free.