1. Who are these confinement ladies?
A huge team of well-trained with experience confinement ladies are here for you to choose. Upon officially joining into our platform, we ensure confinement ladies registered have to attend training courses / classes which we provided for free by our partners, professional midwife, professional nutritionist, and doctors. All confinement ladies have to do a body check-up to make sure a healthy condition during the service period.
2. How does a confinement lady help me?
Non-professional or lack of knowledges and experiences are having a high risk to take care a new born baby and mother. Your mother or mother in law may not be wise as their skills might not as good as professional trained, as ages are also a barrier for them to take care the workloads. You might not be able to rest properly and body recovery will be affected. With confinement ladies here, they could serve you better. Always provide the assistance you need. Leave the tough jobs to us. They will show you the right way of looking after your baby with useful baby care techniques. Nutritional foods will be preparing for mothers, with the recommended recipes provided by our professional nutritionist. It’s our pleasure to ensure new born baby and mothers able to get a proper recovery.
3. Should I hire a freelance confinement lady myself or should I engage 10 MOM instead?

The advantage of engaging 10 MOM is that you have a lot of options to choose an ideal confinement lady with user friendly interface. Details profile and requirement, sorting of which requirements needed are available for you to search more details. You able to book the date base on due date of your baby deliver. Our scheduling system will do the rest for you with the buffering between estimation of your due date and confinement lady available date. Services like the replacement of confinement lady are available for you, if necessary.
Freelance confinement lady may: –
• Not well trained
• Fully booked, and forced to find others with no review or no recommendations, skills concerns
• Price may higher due to demands more than supply
• Freelance market price not equal to professional
• Your deposit sum given to her may not be recovered if she not turning up
• You will be panic in last minutes if she not turning up, nobody able to help that time

4. When is the best time to engage a confinement lady in 10 MOM?
Our confinement ladies are growing daily. Demands in the market are increasing as well. We recommend that you book your confinement lady at least 6 months before your estimated delivery date are confirmed. Doing so as early as possible ensures your ideal confinement lady reserved. In the event of a miscarriage on pregnancy, you are entitled to a full refund of your payment. A doctor’s certification will need to be provided.
5. Can I choose a confinement lady?

Yes. Our platform will provide the facilities for you to choose your ideal confinement lady. The options to choose a proper and suitable confinement lady are yours. All the profiles and details of each confinement lady will be showing here. You have your own rights to choose a suitable confinement lady.

6. What is the quality of confinement ladies in 10 MOM?
Regular feedback will be collected from our customers, and reviewed carefully. Confinement ladies upon officially join into 10 MOM platforms will be having training courses and ensure that they are capable in caring for you and your baby. There are few levels more of training courses available for them to achieve to meet the other levels not just only knowledges, but experiences. All these levels indicator will be showing in the profiles of them.
7. My payment will be secured?
Yes. 10 MOM will be secured the payments vice versa at both parties, until the service confinement period end. Payment to confinement lady will be release after received review from customers. This is to ensure the transaction for both parties are secured.
8. Customers from Singapore or oversea entitle to get the services?
Yes. 10 MOM will be expanding to over sea coming in the future. We will get the permits for the confinement lady if going to service oversea. Transportation and flight tickets are bear by customers.
9. Can I request for the confinement lady who was previously used by my friend?
You are allowed to choose the same confinement lady, what you need to do is search the name or code in the platform. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, please be prepared that there might be changes to the confinement lady assigned.